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Eurythmy for 

Eurythmy for Organizations is a social art based on formative principles of human being through which individuals create their own social and work world;
through which people can also renew organizations in accordance to ever-changing needs and opportunities and nourish value-oriented organizations.
Eurythmy for Organizations can be a counteracting trend against the fast impairment of social and working environments and against the consequent inhibition of potential growing of organizations and whole communities.
Like human beings, organizations, too, develop out of movement:

according to guidelines, vision and distinctive corporate identity, organizations change their form through processes in which rhythm, relationships and dependences have a prominent role, both inside and outside them.


When more and more challenges of complexity and innovation arise

organizations often react by strengthening procedures, rules, function checkpoints. This can result in increased internal conflicts and frozen movement which can inhibit any potential development of people and organizations.


the answer 

to complexity is to reinforce and train individual competences and skills to create an ever renovating dynamic balance when needs/opportunities change.





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