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Bearing principles

Each Organization is a human creation.

It does not come into being by itself, but exists thanks to human will and work.



An Organization develops according to the same constituents of the human being:
  • form, which alters in time,

  • rhythmical processes, at the basis of any living process,

  • relationship between inner world (internal organization) and outer world (reference environment and stakeholders),

  • intention, which are the core reasons of organizational life.


An Organization can develop only when the individuals who work in it develop as well

For this reason, it is needed to connect organizational processes to the processes through which individuals develop themselves and create their own social reality.



For an Organization, too, the principle “non progredi est regredi(without progress there is regress) holds true, as it is for human being

Every Organization can develop and grow only when it renews itself creating new values for customers (and other stakeholders).



An Organization is an opportunity for a develop path as human being 

It is a comunity where people work for the others (customers/users) and with the others (colleagues and stakeholders)



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