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Who is it for

What it is for

  • People belonging to different organizations and professionals (leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, employees, workers, trainees, consultants)
  • Whole organizations or part of them (private, public, small or medium or large companies, business networks, school boards, work teams)
  • Students during their university career or job training, to support didactics in organizational topics or to develop “soft skills” and social skills required in any professions
  • Other social realities
The topics that can be dealt with are limitless as endless are the possibilities of human beings of creating social and working realities with unique potential and needs
Here below some of the topics covered:
  • sense of responsibility and confidence in common (work) processes
  • horizontal leadership
  • relation between structures, processes and goals
  • organizational agility and agile culture
  • changement along the others
  • re-direction of dynamic processes
  • networking
  • leadership and management
  • correlation between the personal (“you”), the individual (“I”), the collective (“we”) dimensions in organizations
  • sense making motivation
  • customer guidance
  • integration in merger, acquisitions, smart working, etc.
  • creation of learning and developing work communities
  • health and safety at the workplace
This experience is carried out with eagerness and playfulness as it always happens when people spring into action, both inside and outside, together with others, towards a common goal



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