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Copia di Schermata 2018-12-30 alle 14.21
Teresa Mazzei


My professional background is based on a nearly twenty-year-long multiple-work experience in several companies, first as a consultant in leading managing international firms, then as a treasury manager and a chief financial officer in a company for financial services.Although I have always dedicated myself to my work with full commitment, my life has constantly been accompanied by a deep-lying question: What is the meaning of working for a firm? Why is the meaning of getting involved in apparently distant or meaningless tasks?In 2006 I met Annemarie Ehrlich, taking part in her workshop "Eurythmy in working life".


Since the very first meeting I was able to find some answers to my questions about “meaningless tasks” and I immediately grasped the high potential of this art for the development of organizations and of individuals working in them.


The impulse I received was so strong that I decided to start a six-year training course in Eurythmy and in "Eurythmy in working life"”, regardless of the difficulties I had trying to combine my working life with my training path.In the meantime my working method changed considerably both in involvement and responsibility and became more meaningful.

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