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Eurythmy for Organizations helps to:
  • see reality in terms of system and procesess, overcoming any approach that fragments organizational life restraining its potential of development,
  • become aware that all social and working processes are objective realities born from-and-among individuals. Thus, they cannot be identified with the actions of a single person nor be founded on lack of individual responsibility,
  • intervene according to needs and possibilities as they emerge from the co-created process itself,
  • be aware of misleading stumbling blocks: abstract thinking, excess of self-reference, automatic behaviorconsciously,
  • integrate the three human activities of thinking, feeling and willing to weave social and working realities
  • enhance motivation and strengthen the impulses and the skills required for changes,
  • recognise organization as a system which creation each of us daily contributes to.

Competences that can be developed

Competences for changing:
  • Learn to learn:
    • from others
    • from experience
    • from processes
    • from one's own mistakes
    • from questions
  • turn intention into behavior (going beyond habits, prejudices)
  • give and receive feedback (distinguish facts, feeling, ideas)
  • reasearch personal development as individual activity but through social practice in a social and working background;
Complex competences (conceiving multi- related systems, staying connected with them without getting lost and being active amid complexity):  
  • be present in action (presencing)
  • take initiative, contextualised and dynimic
  • be in listening and dialogue
  • take responsibility and foster confidence 
  • act creatively (see something new and bring it into being)
  • co-create, collaborate
  • be active doers and outside watchers at the same time 
  • self-perception and self-awareness in common processes
  • differentiate between personal needs and the needs of teamwork and of common processes
  • observe, understand and foresee the way the process can proceed
  • become sensitive towards organization as a living organism
Social competences:
tolerance, respect, interaction, awareness of uniqueness of others. 



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