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How it began

Eurythmy for organizations and other social settings originated since 1980s from the collaboration of Annemarie Ehrlich (an eurhythmist, for many years member of the Eurythmy stage ensemble of The Hague) with Bernhard Kloke and Adriaan Bekman, at that time both member of NPI (Netherlands Pedagogic Institute), institute for training and consulting in organizational development, founded by B.J.C. Lievegoed (psychiatrist and pioneer university professor in Social Ecology)

Following this collaboration between Eurythmy and social and organizational sciences promoted by NPI, Annemarie Ehrlich established the Institute for Eurythmy in working life, intensified Eurythmy sessions in several European and International firms, started and led a specialization course for business eurhythmists in the Hague and in Sekem (Egypt) which included training stages at local firms.To bear witness to the importance received since the 90s, we wish to quote the foreword by C. Schafer (Ph.D, executive Director of High Tor Alliance) to the book “Eurythmy in the Work Place – one company’s story” in which the project carried out by Annemarie Ehrlich in the German firm Barthels Felldhoff is described:

Annemarie Ehrlich 


Bernhard Kloke

(May 2015)

"Organizations increasingly realize the need the foster flexible work processes, greater teamwork and more worker initiative if they are to meet the pressures the global marketplace.

While the use of artistic disciplines in fostering appropriate attitudes and skills is not yet universally recognized there is a growing interest in the exploration of art as a means of enhancing individual and group creativity.

This essay, “Eurythmy in the Work Place – one company’s story”, provides a important introduction to how Eurythmy, an art of moviment, can become an important discipline in creating work environments of meaning and effectiveness".



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