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We take into account those basic elements of Eurythmy which are connected to organizational life:
  • structure;
  • rhythm and time ;
  • interrelationships;
  • purpose and motivation.
No choreographic or musical elements, typical of artistic performances, are employed.
In each session:
  • participants will be gradually asked to create more and more complex geometric shapes into space;
  • just following some guidelines and then finding connections among them, participants will clearly see shapes originating out of their own movement. The process and what results from the “product” of their co-creation will be evident to everyone, while they are in the process itself. For this reason, everyone will be able to change their behaviors when necessary, develop self-awareness in movement, and subsequently avoid any misunderstanding due to abstract thinking;
  • this will result in ever moving/changing shapes, each one implying its own rhythm, role and relationship in a common overview, as it happens in working processes;
  • participants will become more and more conscious of what is arising from-and-among their interactions; they will acquire more confidence and more responsibility to intervene in the process, in connection with the others as well as in accordance with what is needed to create a well-made “receiver-oriented product” all together.”
Some objects such as small balls or rods will be sometimes used to improve movement, mind quickness, playfulness, perception of workflows.

Eurythmy session 



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